About the kennel SHIKO DREAMS OF ALICE

Питомник Кавалер Кинг Чарльз спаниелей и сенбернаров в УкраинеThe kennel SHIKO DREAMS OF ALICE was registered in 2003 and renamed in 2006.

St. Bernard has always been the favorite breed. Now we have two St. Bernard dogs. ANTEY (SHORT) was born on May 20, 2007. In 2015 we have got the unique handsome CENIYOR LAUREL OF CARPATHIAN SAINT'S (SHORT). Smart baby with spirit.

A lot of thanks to Natasha Kachmar and Sasha for entrusting us with this little star.

During the existence of the kennel a great experience was obtained with such breeds as:

English bulldog, our favorite Yara, lived with us for 14.5 years. Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua.

But when I first saw the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I fell in love with this breed at first sight. Cavalier won my heart from the first minute and forever. In 2010 from Belarus, we had our first Cavalier, VIERA DA’SILVA de AMANTEM REDAMARE, a very bright girl of character. And we preferred exactly this breed.

In 2014, a magnificent boy came to us from Italy: UNICA SOLUZIONE STAIRWEY TO HEAVEN - BL (Ethan). We are very grateful to the breeder of the kennel UNICA SOLUZIONE GOLEBIEWSKOY MARZENNE and her husband LUCE for entrusting this star dog to us. We are very happy that we met and made friends with this great person.

In 2015, another wonderful boy UNICA SOLUZIONE VADEMECUM - BL (TOMMY) came to us, very gentle and tender baby. In 2016, we were entrusted with a wonderful handsome boy UNICA SOLUZIONE AMETHIST - BL.

Also, in 2015 from the kennel ROTTI KINGDOM a little girl BOO - BOO ROTTI KINGDOM came to our kennel from Slovenia, a very spirited and sociable dolly.

We are very grateful to BARBARA ROJC for the trust, we are glad that we have such a wonderful baby. In 2017, a gentle charming girl MADE IN HEAVEN came to us from Spain. Thank you so much JUDITH and ARTHURO for the trust and for this lovely girl.


It had been said that Cavalier is a dog for a good mood, I completely agree with that. You can’t do without it as well as without good mood.




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